We all would love to cut down on the cost of energy, and we all know that one of the main draws to going solar is that you could completely offset all of your energy costs. But what about the immediate cost of solar installation?

The average residential solar installation can cost anywhere between $12,000 – $25,000, so we understand why many balk at the cost. For many of us, it seems like going solar will always be out of our grasp. However, through the Community Housing Partner’s Solarization program, Kris Van Zandt was able to receive a 4.38 kW residential solar array for absolutely NO COST.

Kris’ was the first installation through the partnership between SunDay Solar and the Community Housing Partners, so we were very excited to document the entire process..

From start,

To finish.

In order to qualify for this Virginia solarization program, Kris also had to apply and receive weatherization upgrades to his home – new LED lightbulbs, upgraded insulation, as well as other energy saving improvements. In conjunction with his new array, this should significantly reduce his utility costs and make his home more eco-friendly.

Affordability is as important to us as it is for you, as there is no sustainable future without renewable energy being accessible to everybody. Check with either the Community Housing Partners or LEAP to see if you could be eligible for the Solarization program.

Read more about Kris’ solar journey through CHP’s Solarization program here, and don’t forget to receive your FREE solar quote and design through SunDay Solar’s website!

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