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SunDaySolar is a turn-key solar solutions provider and works nationwide to provide sustainable energy to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We love our work, and no job is too small, and few too big. Reach out to us.

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Are the tax credits still available for solar?
Yes, the 30% federal tax credit that has helped to bring down the cost of solar down for years is still available through 2019. After 2019, the amount of tax credit steadily goes down over a course of years to 0.
What other incentives are available for Solar Installations?
It depends on where your home, business, or farm is located. Each customer situation is unique, and we tailor solutions to make the most of available incentives resulting in the best solar system with the best return on investment (ROI). Some popular incentives are:

1. The 5% property tax credit in Charlottesville

2. Charlottesville’s Low or no interest loans for solar

3. Accelerated depreciation for income generating solar systems.

4. The REAP Grant which provides up to 25% of the system cost for businesses and agricultural producers in our area.

Is my house right for solar?
All homes have a solar opportunity, just some are better than others. Ideally a south facing roof with no shading will make the most solar power per square foot of roof. But we earn our living by finding creative ways to make the most of your unique situation. We often build ground mounted solar systems away from the home or utilize outbuildings, to providing clean solar power as well as numerous other benefits. Considerable experience with all types of solar and the ability to think outside of the box allows us to create a great solar solution for most potential customers.