Environmental benefits of

switching to solar

Solar Panels on a barn

Clean Energy

20% of US greenhouse gas emissions stem from heat/cool/powering the home.

Average Virginia home consumes 14,000 kwH a year of energy. This is equivalent to 9.9 metric tons of CO2 = 10,966lb of coal burned.

Solar is the clean way to produce energy!

Less Pollution


Average solar system provides 80% of a home’s required energy. On average, going solar is equal to growing 131 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Going solar reduces environmental impact by eliminating air, water, and land pollution that are a by-product of non-solar energy production

Solar Panels on a Roof

  SunDay Solar is a net-zero company

Solar Panels installed for off grid cabin
REduced Emmissions
Lower Carbon Footprint
Financial Savings
Increased property Value

Invest in our planet’s future!

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