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What to Ask When You Go Solar

Starting your solar journey can seem overwhelming – you might not even know what questions to ask when researching or asking for a solar quote. Keep reading to learn more about the right questions to ask when you decide to go solar!
What kind of solar system am I looking for?

Are you interested in a roof-mounted system? A ground-mounted? Are you interested in a battery backup or have any equipment preferences?

We recommend roof-mounted systems for those that have a good pitch/slope, are relatively south-facing, and have recently built or replaced their roofing. Roof-mounted systems are wonderful for residential properties that don’t have a lot of acreage, and for those looking for a nonintrusive aesthetic for their system.

If your roof is not ideal, or you are in need of a roof replacement soon, and you have some extra property on site, a ground-mounted system may be for you! While slightly more noticeable, we can orient ground-mounted systems for optimum performance and you will not need to remove your system for any necessary roof repairs! We also work with local, family-owned landscaping companies for any necessary trenching. Keep scrolling for a view of one of our most recent and top of the line AeroCompact ground-mounted systems!

We also offer many unique battery back up options, including but not limited to Emphase, Tesla, and HomeGrid.

Each solar system is unique, and it is smart to browse around at different installations to see which style and specifications would work best for you.

How does owning solar impact my property?
By owning solar, you will see an increase in your property value, and a minimal increase in your home’s insurance cost. These usually vary based on the size and location of your system.

When done correctly, solar will not negatively impact the state of your home or roof.

SunDay Solar prides itself on…

  • going the extra mile in aesthetic and unique design to accentuate your home
  • Ensuring that our installation is done properly and safely by
    1. First, assessing the condition of your roof before any installation
    2. Second, sealing and covering any holes that we may have to drill into your roof
    3. And third, warrantying all of our installations for 10 years against leaks or faulty equipment.
What happens if weather or critters negatively impact my system?
It is true that hail, snow, dust, critters, and etc. can impact the state of your panels and even your system’s efficiency.

When it comes to weather, we cannot guarantee that hail or other acts of nature will not damage your panels, but we do offer competitive pricing in panel replacement, and we will oversee all of your equipment warranties and replacements!

But do you live in a very dusty area, or have trees around that frequently drip sap or excess amounts of pollen? These are all things that could impact the quality of your panels’ performances. SunDay Solar offers seasonal panel cleanings for a very competitive price. We recommend all solar system owners have their solar panels cleaned at least once every 3 years for optimum performance.

We also recommend looking into snow guards, which protect large piles of snow sliding off of your panels and off of your roof, as well as critter guards, which keep little critters like squirrels and birds from making a home in your system and its wiring.

These are all ways in which you can ensure the longevity, performance, and safety of your solar system! Does your solar installer offer these options?


What warranty is offered?

With such a big investment as solar, it’s important to understand that your installation company will go with you for the distance. That is why it is crucial to inquire about the warranty policy, not only on the equipment use, but in terms of service from your company.

SunDay Solar offers a 10 year guaranteed workmanship warranty on all of our installed systems, which will significantly reduce any potential service costs. We also use equipment that has 20+ year warranties and will happily reach out to the equipment companies to ensure the proper warranty submission and replacement of the equipment.

But how do you know that these companies will follow through with their warranties? With many solar companies going under or not having sufficient customer service infrastructure, it’s equally important to do your research on their reliability.

SunDay Solar is the oldest, consistently-owned solar installation company in the Central Virginia area. We offer quarterly monitoring for your systems for your peace of mind, where we will reach out to let you know that your system is working perfectly, or if we would like to go and do a site assessment for potential diagnosis. This means that we will be on top of any system needs without you even having to reach out!

We have also expanded our solar services to orphaned systems, and now also offer a yearly opt-in warranty service that includes our quarterly monitoring services. This shows the reliability and strength in our service and customer service departments, and our dedication to all solar systems and their performance.


What size solar system should I get?

This is a wonderful question to ask a solar company, because the question will tell you about if they’re just telling you what you want to hear, or what you really need without overselling.

We will first ask you for a recent power bill to get a better understanding of your power usage, because there are restrictions on solar system size enforced by utility providers. This is usually between 100%-150% coverage of your annual power usage.

Using this, we will construct a solar design specifically for your home or property that will cover this allowed usage by using top-of-the-line equipment and aesthetic placement to achieve the best efficiency of your system. This way, you will not be overpaying for an underperforming solar array.


Now It's Time to Get Started!

Take a look at your options, and find the perfect solar company for you. SunDay Solar offers free solar quotes, site assessments, and comprehensive solar proposals to anybody interested in seeing what solar could do for them!

Give us a call or submit a free quote from our website today to see how our services could work for your eco-friendly energy independence journey!

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Customer Testimonials

"Sunday Solar installed a 15 kW (40 panels) ground solar array system for us this fall. It provides enough power to meet our house and electric vehicle needs. We are extremely pleased with the installation. Sunday Solar listened to our requirements and delivered.They were also more economical in their pricing than other installers we talked to. We were impressed with their more honest and realistic marketing approach. Another company spoke of savings from solar that were twice what Sunday Solar stated. Sunday Solar's projections were consistent with independent research papers on the subject.Were were impressed with how many local businesses have used Sunday Solar for installing their solar systems. It was great working with Richard, Tim, and Eric, as well as the whole team. Strongly recommend."

"We had a great experience with Sunday Solar. They designed and installed a 44 panel system on our roof with battery backup in the basement. The work was very clean and carefully done. We have a 200 year old house and a metal roof, which they were very careful not to damage. The system works great, and now we are making all our own energy, and sending the extra back to the power company. They also took care of all the paperwork and inspections for the permits. Since the install they have been great about followup to check on stuff and hook us up to the online monitoring software so we can see how it is performing. We totally enjoyed working with them, Richard, Tim, Eric, JP, and Danny. We call them The Sunshine Boys."

"Richard Crisler and his team at SundaySolar did an outstanding job installing our solar system late 2019. From the initial discussion to the commissioning, everyone at the company acted professionally, the workmanship was excellent, and the end result is outstanding. Every day when I wake up and see the sun come up I know the electric bill is going down. I live in an neighborhood with an HOA and SundaySolar very quickly provided the necessary documentation for the HOA and the project was approved very quickly. SundaySolar then installed the system and had it up and running before the end of the year so that I could benefit from the maximum tax credit. I couldnt be happier with the system and SundaySolar. To top it off they are a local company. If I had to do it over again Richard and his team would most definitely get my business."

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