Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is providing grants for going solar!

The USDA has created and is offering a REAP Grant for any small, rural business interested in going solar, especially  if you are in a designated low-income or energy community area.
Over $2 billion has been provided for agricultural producers and rural small business owners through 2031. You could be one of them!

Is my business eligible?

Eligibility for the REAP Grant for Solar for your business depends on whether you are a rural small business or agricultural producer, and if your business is located in an area with a population of 50,000 occupants or less.

How SunDay Solar Can Help

Eligibility Assessment

SunDay Solar has years of experience with the REAP Grant
and is happy to check your eligibility.


Explain the process

We will explain the process of applying for the REAP Grant,
and will let you know where we are in it every step of the way!



SunDay Solar will sign your business up with to register your business with the government in order to receive this grant.


UEI Number Retrieval

Once your business is signed up with, we will establish your business’ Unique Entity ID for your REAP Grant Application.


Grant Application and Submission

SunDay Solar will complete the entire REAP Grant application on your behalf, and submit all of the required documents to the USDA.


Grant Approved!

Congratulations! Your business’ REAP Grant has been approved. You now have between 30-40% of the funding for a beautiful solar array!

REAP Grant Quick Links

The Federal Government is paying to revitalize your rural community with solar, and SunDay Solar has the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to get your business solar-ready!


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