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Since 2010, SunDay Solar has committed to being a solar installation company that handles every step of our client’s solar journey – from design, to permitting, to installation, and to quality solar service included in our Guaranteed 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.

We are excited to announce that we are now extending service options to solar systems that were not installed by SunDay Solar!

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Why SunDay Solar Is Different

We follow through with our clients and their systems with our Ten-Year Guaranteed Workmanship Warranty!

This covers the majority of issues that may arise throughout the life of you system, and we back it up with prompt and communicative service, because we strive to be transparent in our business.

We understand that the solar industry is experiencing an influx of not so reputable companies who will not be there after the installation is complete. We want to work against that bad solar reputation, and we are ready to work with you.

Our in-house team is ready to help any solar system get back into perfect working order whether we installed your solar or not!

Your Central Virginia Solar Team

SunDay Solar has been in business and locally owned since 2010, and has always had the goal of creating a safe environment for homeowners and businesses to look into what solar could do for them.

We take pride in our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty, and include Quarterly Monitoring for all of the systems that we have installed. This means that, every three months, we will update you with how your system is performing and if we will be in contact about potential service needs that your system may be experiencing.

"Their entire staff communicated quickly and effectively, and their workmanship was superb. Our county building inspectors are among the most stringent in the state, and all passed with compliments from the county staff. We could not have chosen a better solar vendor."

David Bennett

"They handled the difficult tasks of permitting and coordination with local and government agencies, and provide ongoing support. SunDay Solar truly had our best interests in mind throughout, providing advice, fair pricing and a stellar guarantee of workmanship. SunDay Solar made it easy and fun to add solar power to our home."

Carol Cate

" SunDay Solar hooked me up with a killer 11KW ground mount / rooftop system. They were flexible with my custom install. They have great customer service, even after the project was complete. They monitor my system for me and come fix it when and/or if it breaks. "

Bryce Bailey

Choose the solar company that is right for you – go SunDay Solar.

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We provide the right solar path for you no matter the circumstance – and we stick with you through it all.

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