Nestled in the hillside of Afton Mountain, VA sits a unique 11.8kW solar rooftop and ground mount system. This system is estimated to generate 12,600kWh annually and offsets 90% of the home’s energy usage, drastically reducing energy costs for the homeowner, Theresa.

What makes this system unique is how the ground mounted panels are installed. For this install, the panels are mounted low to the ground using flat roof ballasted racking. This low to the ground mount prevents the system from being visible from the house and enhances the natural aesthetic of the hillside. 

White home from side. Solar array on roof.

SunDay Solar had the chance to ask Teresa a couple questions about her new solar system.

What was your main goal in going solar?

Reducing energy costs. There’s nothing more annoying than having to pay for resources like energy and water. Reducing my carbon footprint is a secondary but equally important goal.

Why did you go solar with SunDay Solar?

When I found my forever home, it was a no-brainer which company I wanted to use. Richard’s vision for his company and what it stands for made that decision extremely easy. The system looks fantastic and the team has been fabulous to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a more polite and courteous team.

Here at SunDay Solar we’re proud to listen to our customer’s wishes and enjoy installing unique, aesthetically pleasing solar systems. Realizing your solar dream, is our dream.

4 rows of ground mounted solar panels

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