Virginia solar has had a long and hard history, but with solar panel prices falling, install prices dropping, and SREC prices increasing, things are looking up!

This year has been a strong one for solar, with the Pennsylvania SREC finally reaching above the $20 range. With a high point of $70, and an average market value of around $55, the SREC value for Virginia solar-system owners translates to roughly an additional $0.05/ kWh in energy value.

Previously, the only way to get a production incentive was to be signed up on the Dominion Power “Solar Purchase Program”, which locks users in for a five-year term, at 15 cents / kWh. With the SREC price on the move, Virginia system owners may have more options, and more incentives than they ever have before.

To read more about SRECs, view this article from Sol Systems

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