Just a few miles out of Charlottesville, on top of a peak facing the Blue Ridge mountains, sits the lovely home of Nina and Mark Haigney.

To say that their home is private, and that their driveway is steep, are both understatements!  When winter brings slippery conditions, the couple either walks out or stays.  And when the grid power goes down,  staying without electricity, although novel for a time, is no fun. 

The driveway is so steep that if there is a lot of snow, we are stuck for days or even a week, depending on how much snow,” Nina said earlier this year, describing the couple’s motivations to get solar power in place. “We also wanted solar because we are very concerned about climate change and hope to do what we can to reduce our carbon output.  The technology has gotten so much better, this seemed like a great time to do it.”

Building the Right Solar Power System

To bring the Haigneys to 21st-century clean power generation, SunDaySolar was asked to provide the best solution.  After studying the solar resources at the home, the amount of power needed to maintain the home in a ‘grid down’ situation, and the home’s unique aesthetic and layout, SunDaySolar concluded that a StoreEdge inverter, LG lithium ion battery, and all-black WINAICO 300 watt solar panels would  provide the most elegant and cost-effective solution. 

Working with Logistics

Nina explained that with the house on a slope and “partially buried” in the hill, with a south-slanting roof and considerable tree canopy, seeking sunlight was a job.

We were able to put all the panels on the roof,” she said. “We had to remove three large oaks anyway …they were in bad shape and likely to fall, and that really helped increase sun on roof.”

Brand New Power

Commissioned in December of 2017, the system has yet to be tested in a real power outage, but has busily been providing the Haigneys with homemade, green, carbon-free electricity, while also providing the peace of mind that no matter when or if the grid power fails, they are prepared.

We just got it all working last week, so we don’t have data yet about how much is being produced per month, and we will see seasonal fluctuations, especially in early fall, when sun is lower and leaves still out,” Nina said. “However, our main objectives were to reduce carbon footprint and also have backup battery power for Dominion outages.”

Meanwhile, the Haigneys are enjoying being able to monitor each panel and get data with graphs for real-time energy production on their computers and mobile phones.

This project is just one shining example of so many successful installations that SunDaySolar has done in the central Virginia area. By providing customized solutions and giving detailed attention to each individual client, we make sure that our customers enjoy getting the most out of their solar setups for years to come. We’re pleased to offer Charlottesville and Albemarle County residents the opportunity to switch from fossil fuels to a new, green way of running their homes and businesses.

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