We’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at how solar is booming in the state of Virginia — with the governor’s official seal of approval, and big companies coming in to innovate and drive massive operations with renewables. But sometimes it’s also helpful to look at the broader market and how solar energy is taking off in faraway places around the world, as well.


Earlier this month, the Guardian cited the International Energy Agency as estimating that renewable energy made up a full two-thirds of all the recent new power expanding the global grid. In the Guardian’s words, it’s “Time to Shine,” and the  report talks about how solar will come to dominate other types of energy consumption.


There’s also the fact that the United States is now the second fastest-growing market for solar energy, although countries like China and India are also working quickly to change over the energy systems that support billions of people, getting solar energy installations on the ground to replace finite, dirty and expensive fossil with an energy source that naturally exists all around us.

When you stop and think about it that way, solar makes even more sense as a virtually unlimited power source. We need the sun to live in more ways than one — but now that we’ve perfected solar technology, the sun can easily power all of our appliances and everything that we do throughout the day.


There’s another big takeaway from this article — you can see the free market at work. The reason that solar is taking off to such an extent is that it’s no longer something that people are doing just to take a stand, or out of the goodness of their hearts. It makes sense. It’s becoming economically reasonable. And that’s why you see Amazon and other major retailers switching their power sources from traditional oil and gas to solar. That’s why you see big regional utilities paving the way for solar growth.


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