Charlottesville solar

"The best solar company in C'Ville! Richard and his team installed a 10kW system for us and everyone we dealt with was pleasant and friendly; in addition to highly competent. If there was anything we didn't know or understand all we had to do was ask and they were happy to educate us on any part of the process. It's a large investment and every installation is unique and they were very patient in explaining all of our options and figuring out what would work best for us and our situation. There was never a sense that they were applying a "one-size-fits-all" system or trying to sell us on the equipment on which they got the best margins- and we *definitely* got that sense from having certain other solar companies out to the house for estimates. Working with SunDay was a great experience, from start to finish."


"Solar is great to install. Getting the chance to improve the well-being of homeowners while saving the environment is truly special."-JP, Silas, Nick, and Danny

Nothing beats an experienced crew for a safe and quick solar installation. Our crews have experience with any roof or array are known for professionalism and efficiency. Give us a call, and we guarantee that the installation crew will maximize the panel efficiency and roof spacing.

"SunDay Solar was great to work with- timely and neat! They installed PV solar panels over most of my back roof and we are now generating electricity- about 2/3 of my total consumption for everything. They have been a pleasure to work with!"


"The way I see it, you can either make yourself or the power company rich. We want to make solar available to all, and have been working tirelessly to reach this goal." Richard Crisler

Our fearless leader... Richard Crisler. He has been serving the Virginia community's solar needs since the founding of SunDay Solar in 2010. He had been at the head of the company during every installation and has the experience necessary to install any system.

"Excellent service... the only truly local solar company in Charlottesville."


 " Renewable energy is the future. I love helping people and working in solar."- Eric Murphy

Eric, our administration and permitting specialist, is always happy to walk you through the solar process. From your initial questions about tax benefits and electrical savings to the final meter check and solar inspection, Eric is your guy. Give him a call and you will quickly appreciate his knowledge, patience, and hard work!