Some of the most recent news involves the new solar farm that serve the University from a site in Middlesex County. This project is being developed by a firm named Coronal, and will be built and owned by Dominion Energy.


UVA’s promise to buy the whole energy output of the new solar farm adds to another move by university leaders last year when the school agreed to become a customer and user of Dominion’s “Hollyfield” solar facility in King William County. At the time, that project was estimated to produce 17 megawatts. New estimates show that the Middlesex County project will deliver 15 megawatts and that the combined output of both sites will be a projected 32 megawatts.

All of this capacity represents about 1/5 of the university’s total electrical demand. UVA’s solar efforts will shrink its carbon footprint by over 15,000 metric tons per year and eliminate 19 metric tons of nitrogen. It’s part of a general plan to decrease carbon and nitrogen levels by 25% in eight years.


Why does this kind of project make a difference? Well, it’s good for the university, for sure. In fact, moving to solar and other renewables is likely to provide a lot of cost savings for the school, especially moving into the future.


However, these types of big solar acquisitions are also another public reminder that renewable energy is getting cheaper, easier to take advantage of, and more attractive when compared to traditional fossil fuels options. Just a few years ago, solar was seen as something relatively on the fringe of our free enterprise markets. Now, it’s quickly being applied to both transportation and housing, as well as rivaling traditional forms of energy offered by regional utilities.


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