It’s true that the solar market is a dynamic one — and lots of things often happen that are unpredictable. There are a lot of up-and-down forces pushing and pulling on solar markets right now, specifically in the U.S. Some of them have to do with manufacturing — while others have to do with a specific type of demand.


A recent Buffalo News piece shows how the Tesla company is working to surf the edge of these big waves, looking for where there’s specific growth in the solar revolution.


A firm called GCM Research is cited as expecting a “more limited pace” for solar growth in 2018. Part of that, analysts say, is because of cheaper gas, which isn’t going to last forever. But some of it is also a natural lull in demand.


All the same, some are calling the situation a “slump for solar” at a time when Tesla has put $750 million into New York solar operations.


Still, some investors cited in the article are still bullish on solar, and Musk himself believes that this dip in demand is only temporary.


“We do expect solar demand to rebound as we move solar sales into all of our stores, which is a much more efficient channel for demand generation. And that’s just for conventional solar,” Musk said in a press statement. “We’re confident it’s going to have extremely high demand.”


The Buffalo News article also talks about new kinds of solar roofing aimed at different demographics in the roofing market. By broadening the customer base, the logic goes, companies have a better shot at growing their local markets.


That’s something that we’ve tried to cultivate at Sun Day Solar. We understand that each customer is different and has his or her own needs according to how the property is set up, what the business model is like, etc. We meet each customer where they are, and work to find out what’s practical for property. That’s what led us to become such a popular choice for solar installations in Charlottesville VA and the Albemarle County area. Interested? Ask us about what we can do for your business or property to help you benefit from all of the natural value of solar energy.


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