Want to know more about what tax credits you can get with solar?

Tax Credits

Learn more about the tax incentives that make solar so appealing to residential and commercial property owners!

Charlottesville (Residential) Tax Incentives

 Located in Charlottesville? Looking to learn more about the incentives that make Charlottesville a solar-friendly place? 

City of Charlottesville residents get a real estate tax credit for 5 years for the cost of their solar system!  What does this mean?

If your solar system costs $20,000, then your real estate tax assessment will be reduced by that amount for five consecutive years. 

The real estate tax rate is 1% so you save 1% of the cost of your solar system each year which amounts to a 5% system cost reduction over five years. 

This might sound like a small amount of money, but it adds up, increasing your ROI and shortening your payback period significantly.  

Thanks Charlottesville, we are proud to call you home.

Commercial Tax Incentives

Charlottesville – no interest for 10 years – systems could be paid off in as little as 4 years.

Commercial: will pay (2%) down solar loans for commercial installations in
Non-Profit: 0% down, no-interest loan for installing solar.