Happy Earth Day!

What better way to celebrate our Mother Earth than by saving her from carbon emissions with renewable energy?

Renewable energy is becoming more and more available to residential and commercial properties with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2020 and the Solar Investment Tax Credit Act.

Here are some of the amazing solar incentives that have been propelled by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2020.

Featured SunDay Solar Installations

We installed a beautiful 43.7 kW system for our wonderful friends at the North Garden Volunteer Fire Station.

This solar array is composed of 90 solar modules and 3 SolarEdge inverters, and the cost of this system was greatly reduced by the Inflation Reduction Act’s renewable energy incentives!

We look forward to many more amazing residential, commercial, and nonprofit projects that will energize the local community!

“Our battery test worked seamlessly. We disconnected the grid power for 24 hours and went about our daily household usage routine as normal other than not charging our car. The batteries never dropped below 60% and began recharging at sun up – a partly cloudy day. They topped off by 11am, and I went back to the grid.”

With 36 360 Watt all black solar panels, and state of the art SolarEdge inverter and battery system this residential system is 12.96 kW and offsets approximately 99% of this homeowner’s annual power bill!

This beautiful 8.8 kW system will save 181,863 pounds of coal’s worth of carbon emissions over its lifetime, and covers this owner’s entire power bill!

“We loved the whole experience from Sunday Solar. Alicia felt like a friend more than a company representative when helping to guide us through the whole process. The owner himself went above and beyond, helping my mother with an unexpected emergency during his inspection of the property. They were professional and quick to install, and the energy output seems higher than they anticipated, we love having 0$ bills from Dominion Energy. Thank you Sunday Solar!”

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Stay Sunny!

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