A new solar project at MS Events in Charlottesville is paying off early.

This project, accomplished by SunDay Solar, is an example of practical green business. It shows how companies can leverage the power of solar to save money, and also enhance a reputation as a leader in ecological sustainability.

This past year, SunDay Solar helped to install solar panels on the roof of MS Events, a company that rents party equipment. The job commute from the office wasn’t too far — in fact, the two businesses are next door to each other.

In the Neighborhood

MS Events isn’t the first neighbor to do business with Sun Day Solar; in fact, various nearby businesses including Brown’s Cleaners, Blue Ridge Graphics Screen Printers, Weatherseal Insulation, SL Williamson, and Cedar Park Storage already have solar setups of their own. However, this project was special because of how it fits the company’s model, and what Sun Day Solar was able to do for the client.

Money-Saving Solar

Part of the amazing result that MS Events got involved a number of moving parts. First, there was a $20,000 grant from the USDA, which the company is in the process of getting approved. Also, LEAP made a 0% loan for 80% of the project’s cost over 10 years.

‘When I did my numbers, I’m getting about $200 per month net gain.” MS Events President and CEO Steve Sudduth says, talking about part of what motivated him to get the system installed. That, he says, is not even considering a 30% tax credit that the company will get down the road, along with tax benefits from depreciation.

The City of Charlottesville also promotes green solutions; the city provided MS Events with a break on property taxes to the tune of 1% annually.

Noting that the setup offers MS Events “positive cash flow right away,” Steve calls it a “no-brainer” for the company.

Of course, it’s not just the money.

“We’ve always been interested in solar,” Sudduth says.

Green Power Fueling a Green Service

In looking at how well solar complements MS Events operations, it’s important to note that as a rental company, MS Events prides itself on green business models.

“We promote ourselves as a green company,” Sudduth says, explaining that MS Events uses china and linens instead of paper and plastic products that end up clogging landfills.

Now, the company is powering the processing, the cleaning of reusable dishes and laundry, on green solar power.

“We’re letting all of our clients know,” Sudduth says, remarking on how the new energy source provides more than just money, and also benefits the environment.

A Good Partner

As a top local company, SunDay Solar takes the time to really assess each property and figure out how to get the most benefit out of solar systems.

In the case of MS Events, that maximum benefit comes out to several hundred dollars per month, and bragging rights for being a company on the cutting edge of green integration.

Take a look at what SunDay Solar can do for your business or household in getting renewable green energy in place.

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