As we well know, the transition to renewable energy does not happen overnight. In this home’s case, it’s a process that’s been occurring since its construction in 2014 and is now being realized with the installation of a sleek 17.2kW solar system.

From the exterior, this neotraditional Charlottesville home, owned by new Charlottesville resident David, looks largely unassuming. However, under the roof the builder, Promethean Homes, implemented a slew of high-performance upgrades and practices that allowed the home to earn a US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home rating.

A Zero Energy Ready Home represents a whole new level of performance with rigorous requirements that ensure outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability. These standards equate to a home that is at least 40-50% more energy efficient than traditionally built homes.

Some efficiency highlights of this home:
-Energy Star Certified with all Energy Star appliances.
-Home Energy Rating System score of 33. 85-100 is typical for new builds.
-Remarkably airtight. Blower tested at 0.26 air changes per hour. <7 ACH is required.
-Triple paned windows
-85% LED lighting
-Incredibly insulated with a roof, walls, and slab boasting an R-value of 70, 21, and 16 respectively.

The astounding efficiency of this home makes it a perfect candidate for solar which is why SunDay was thrilled when David reached out to us for a quote.

For David’s home we designed a 17.28kW system using 48 black Q-Cell 395 panels. Without solar, David’s home efficiency saves him an estimated $2,000 annually. Crowned with a slick new solar system from SunDay, those home savings are boosted to almost $4000 annually.

SunDay Solar had the chance to speak with David and get his thoughts on his new solar system.

Why’d you pick SunDay Solar?
I picked SunDay solar due to a recommendation from a solar company professional who lives across the street.

What are you most excited about with your new system?
I’m excited for the reduction of our carbon footprint. The house won an award from the EPA as one of the most energy efficient houses in the USA. That, combined with our plug in hybrid Prius, means we’re maximizing our carbon reduction.

Thank you David for going solar with SunDay, and doing all that you can to reduce your footprint. This home shows that distributed solar, when done efficiently and well, is a viable option for a lowered carbon future. We’re happy to have David in the SunDay Solar family, give him a warm Charlottesville welcome!


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