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Solar Servicing

SunDay Solar has been designing, installing, and servicing solar arrays since 2010

 When your system needs a little help,
look to the most reliable and experienced
solar installer and servicer in the Central Virginia area

Our 10 Year Workmanship
Customer Warranty Includes

Quarterly Monitoring

Equipment Failure

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Additional Services


Solar Panel Cleaning
  • We offer seasonal panel cleanings. We recommend that systems are professionally cleaned at least once every two years for optimum performance!
Removal + Replacement
  • Does your roof need to be replaced, but your panels are getting in the way? SunDay Solar is happy to remove your panels, find a good storage system while your roof is being replaced, and replace your system to exactly how it was or better right afterwards!

Do you have an orphan system?

We understand that the solar industry is experiencing an influx of not-so-reputable companies
who aren’t sticking around after the installation is complete.
We want to work against that bad solar reputation, and we are ready to work with you.

Our in-house team is ready to help any solar system get back into perfect working order
whether we installed your solar or not!

Solar Diagnoses

Free Remote Diagnosis: we will require access to your monitoring platform in order to give you an in depth call about the diagnosis of your system
In Person Diagnosis:
If remote diagnosis isn’t possible, we will go on site to diagnose your system and meet with you to run through how your system works and discuss its recent performance
Estimate: We will provide an estimated cost to get your solar system back up and running

Equipment Procurement

If specialty equipment is necessary to service your system, we’ll find out the cost of the equipment and acquisition and then procure it for you.


Solar Servicing

We will assemble a team of technicians and schedule a convenient time to meet you on site and service your system.

Did you know that non-SunDay solar customers can opt into
our Workmanship Warranty for an annual fee?

Have other needs?
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There is truly no better time than now to invest in solar!

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