Researchers around the world are finding that solar energy is approaching new break-even cost  evaluations, and quickly becoming much more affordable and feasible for property owners.


However, they’re also finding that this new potential raises questions about solar energy use. There is a certain amount of intermittent supply and demand that is one of the biggest remaining obstacles to really focusing on developing more of our energy from renewables, and less from fossil fuels.

Current publications in Science Daily such as a report from the American Institute of Physics shows that one promising area of research is demand response or DR. Demand response can help create the right balance for solar energy, and make it efficient to take in power with photovoltaic systems, store it in batteries and use it accordingly.


A co-author of a paper on current solar use says solar energy use models will need to shift from a model of “generation to follow” to a new model of “demand to follow generation.”


For instance, new technologies would manually dial down power use during peak demand times. By automating the direction of energy resources in this way, systems can ensure supply.

Using these types of systems might not be what energy users are used to. It might mean changing your daily schedule, such as when you shower or do laundry or use power tools. However, with just a little bit of flexibility, demand response can greatly improve how solar contributes to our lives.


In other words, nothing good comes without effort. There is the effort of getting solar installations on site and making them work. But there is also an effort using this energy in responsible ways. In some cases, solar use might not be like yesterday’s energy plans. It’s not what we’re accustomed to if we usually just suck power from coal or nuclear plants, or some other unseen, faraway place.


What it does, though, is model a new way of living life that’s more considerate of our neighbors, our planet and our communities. By making some small sacrifices, solar users see big savings and some really rewarding benefits that don’t come in the form of comfort and convenience features.


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