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Secure Power.
Secure Investment.
Secure Future.

Our solar company helps smart, environmentally-conscious homeowners and property owners save money, access renewable energy, and realize their eco-minded dream.

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Realize Your Dream, Reduce Your Footprint

You’ve always wanted to reduce your carbon footprint while saving on your utility bill. You know solar panels can do that.

But even affordable solar systems are a serious investment, and you need to find a solar company you can have confidence in.

You don’t want to hear a single-pitch sales talk, from someone who won’t take the time to understand your needs and answer your questions.

When you work with Sunday Solar, you can be sure that we’ll answer your questions – we love to help our customers understand solar better! We’ll work with you to find lean, affordable solar solutions that will cut down your electricity bill.

Solar doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it shouldn’t be. We’ll make sure to explain the whole process and walk you through every step of the way.

Finally, you’ll be able to realize your dream.

FAQs for Solar Companies in Lynchburg


Are the tax credits still available for solar?

Yes, the 30% federal tax credit that has helped to bring down the cost of solar down for years is still available through 2019. After 2019, the amount of tax credit steadily goes down over a course of years to 0.

What other incentives are available for Solar Installations?

It depends on where your home, business, or farm is located. Each customer situation is unique, and we tailor solutions to make the most of available incentives resulting in the best solar system with the best return on investment (ROI). Some popular incentives are:

1. The 5% property tax credit in Charlottesville
2. Charlottesville’s Low or no interest loans for solar
3. Accelerated depreciation for income generating solar systems.
4. The REAP Grant which provides up to 25% of the system cost for businesses and agricultural producers in our area.

Is my house right for solar?

All homes have a solar opportunity, just some are better than others. Ideally a south facing roof with no shading will make the most solar power per square foot of roof. But we earn our living by finding creative ways to make the most of your unique situation. We often build ground mounted solar systems away from the home or utilize outbuildings, to providing clean solar power as well as numerous other benefits. Considerable experience with all types of solar and the ability to think outside of the box allows us to create a great solar solution for most potential customers.

Paul Skoglund

5-Star Google Review

“It was great working with Tim and the Sunday Solar team! They were fast, on-time, and clean in their workmanship."

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They were also always prompt, clear, and easy to get ahold of during the pre- and post-installation phases of things. Sunday Solar is the best solar deal in Charlottesville!!”

Greg Sullivan

5-Star Google Review

"We have a 200 year old house and a metal roof, which they were very careful not to damage. "
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“We had a great experience with Sunday Solar. They designed and installed a 44 panel system on our roof with battery backup in the basement. The work was very clean and carefully done. We have a 200 year old house and a metal roof, which they were very careful not to damage. The system works great, and now we are making all our own energy, and sending the extra back to the power company. They also took care of all the paperwork and inspections for the permits. Since the install they have been great about followup to check on stuff and hook us up to the online monitoring software so we can see how it is performing.

We totally enjoyed working with them, Richard, Tim, Eric, JP, and Danny. We call them The Sunshine Boys.”

David Cady

5-Star Google Review

"We were impressed with how many local businesses have used Sunday Solar for installing their solar systems."
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Sunday Solar installed a 15 kW (40 panels) ground solar array system for us this fall. It provides enough power to meet our house and electric vehicle needs. We are extremely pleased with the installation. Sunday Solar listened to our requirements and delivered.

They were also more economical in their pricing than other installers we talked to. We were impressed with their more honest and realistic marketing approach. Another company spoke of savings from solar that were twice what Sunday Solar stated. Sunday Solar's projections were consistent with independent research papers on the subject.

We were impressed with how many local businesses have used Sunday Solar for installing their solar systems. It was great working with Richard, Tim, and Eric, as well as the whole team. Strongly recommend.”

SunDay Solar

SunDay Solar, an Entero Energy company, is a solar company serving Charlottesville, Virginia that has been installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems since 2010.

SunDay Solar has established a track record for quality solar products. We back our installations with industry-leading equipment warranties and a 10-year service warranty on all products and labor.

We take pride in our work and in helping clients create a clean, sustainable future.

SunDay Solar provides residential and commercial solar services to these cities and the surrounding areas:

What makes us different


Educate Our Customers

Some solar companies in Charlottesville go for the “one-pitch” close. We're a company that loves educating our customers and believes in creating a smart network of homeowners and property owners who recognize the value of solar.


Don’t Cut Corners

We’re fanatical about aesthetic, economic and environmental details. We believe that every solar system should enhance the value of your property.


Treat Clients Like Family

Our solar systems rarely have problems, but if  there is ever an issue we are here for you. Our team wants to build a lasting relationship with you.


Experienced & Local

Unlike larger, national solar companies, we are a locally-owned and operated solar company with 10+ years of experience in providing quality, cost-effective solar solutions.


10-Year Quality Guarantee

With all installs, SunDaySolar provides a 10 year guarantee on workmanship and materials. During that time, we will fix anything that may go wrong at no cost to you.