Solar power is taking off in a big way in Albemarle County, but it’s also growing rapidly in other parts of the state of Virginia.

Organizations like the Solar Foundation have ranked Virginia among top contenders in year-over-year solar growth.


A lot of this progress isn’t just happening by accident — Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other Virginia officials are trying hard to make solar happen, in order to promote growth in the state economy.


In a March 28 press release from this year, the governor’s office announced Virginia’s place in the Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016, which puts Virginia in second place within the region. In addition to its placement in the Southeast, Virginia is also tied with the state of Utah for ninth place in the national solar index.


Officials estimate there are currently over 3000 Virginia jobs in solar — a 65% increase in just two years.


Looking at the location of new solar infrastructure and growth, studies found that some of the biggest urban regions in Virginia are top spots for solar expansion. Fairfax County ranks number one, and the Tidewater area of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News also saw massive solar growth in the past year, along with the state Capitol in Richmond.


“It is clear that Virginia is moving in the right direction,” McAuliffe said in the March press release, “but there is still work to do. I will continue to work with our public and private sector stakeholders to implement policies that will continue to bolster not only our solar industry, but the entire clean energy sector in the Commonwealth.”


Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore added comments about the need for public-private partnerships and renewable energy options for business.


“It is essential that consumers and businesses have access to affordable, reliable and diverse energy resources,” Haymore said. “This is part of the Governor’s all-of-the-above energy approach and key to fulfilling the energy policy of the Commonwealth.”


All of this is great news for Virginia residents who want to move forward in adopting renewable energy policies and implement solar projects in their communities. With our planet’s future somewhat uncertain, and fossil fuel energy emissions having different impacts on communities, more Americans are getting serious about changing over to solar and other alternative renewable forms of power supply. It’s exciting, because solar is becoming affordable and much more feasible, not only for businesses but for individual households.


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