Sunday Solar's COVID-19 Response

We’re in this together.

As a solar installation company working on rooftops and with electricity, safety is a core value of Sunday Solar. We also strive to balance the needs of our many stakeholders, including our employees, our customers, and the communities where we live and work.

We will update this page as our response to COVID-19 evolves.

The following are steps we have taken to reduce the potential for infection and spread of the COVID-19 virus among our employees:

  • We instituted a work from home policy for all job roles that are able to be performed remotely.
  • We expanded our paid sick leave policy to encourage our employees to stay home when necessary.
  • Our installation crews are on a staggered schedule to reduce contact.
  • We instituted a work travel ban.
  • All in-person group meetings are cancelled.
  • We increased the frequency and intensity of our workplace cleaning.

Even though solar installations are primarily done outside, we have taken further steps to reduce or eliminate close interactions with customers. The following steps have been taken for projects being installed during the pandemic:

  • Our crews will be practicing social distancing by dispatching in separate vehicles, working six feet away from each other, and remaining six feet away for any required interactions with customers.
  • Resources have been provide to allow crews to frequently wash hands.
    If an electrician needs to access space inside the home or building, we will communicate this prior to the installation or electronically through phone or email.
  • Crews have been provided wipes to clean any interior or high touch surfaces they come in contact with before and after their work.
  • We are accommodating any customers who are displaying symptoms, in a higher risk population, or simply uncomfortable with crew members in their home or building by postponing any indoor installation work.

This unprecedented public health crisis is impacting our communities in many ways, and Sunday Solar is doing what we can to support these communities. We are all in this together.