A fall chill was in the air when Sun Day Solar set up a new 8.12Kw roof-mounted solar array on top of Leonard and Carol Lohman’s attractive brick home in Charlottesville’s Key West neighborhood. Now, the Lohmans are eagerly waiting for summer.

“We’re excited about it,” Leonard Lohman says, describing the couple’s experience with a modern solar energy apparatus that allows them to get credits on their electric bill. “As we keep getting longer days, we’re expecting good things.”

While Lohman notes that the home’s solar system is still “in the early stages,” he can already see some of what the installation is doing, as credits come back from the power company. On some days, he says, the solar panels reap around 40 kilowatt hours. All of that makes a difference in the energy that the Lohmans use; when the home’s heat pumps and water heater are off, the system is banking energy for later use.

A Job On Point

One of the things that Lohman says impressed him about Sun Day Solar’s work was the timeline.

Months before the project started, he said, owner Richard Chrisler gave him an estimated date of completion – which turned out to be 100% correct.

“What amazed me was that he was right smack on target,” Lohman says, explaining that in his extensive experience in the world of contracting, that kind of accuracy is rare.

Lohman said he talked to a lot of people and did research before choosing a firm – and the study paid off. Sun Day Solar staff, he said, were professional, and installation went smoothly.

Quality Guarantees

In addition to the money that they save on their electric bills, the Lohmans are also getting long-term security on their investment in solar energy. The SolarWorld 290 Watt all-black modules, along with 28-P-300 optimizers, are warrantied for 25 years. The 1-SolarEdge 7.6  US Inverter comes with a 12-year warranty, and Lifetime Online System Production Monitoring is also provided.

With all of that in hand, the Lohmans will be checking their meters to see what happens as we climb out of the short, dark days of winter and into peak generating season.

We’ve found that this discovery is one of the best parts of getting a solar energy setup in a home. Homeowners are able to see first-hand what the system is making, how it’s replacing utility-delivered power that might come from coal or other sources with the natural, clean, life-giving power of the sun. It’s a simple idea, but it’s one that provides a lot of dividends.

Ask Sun Day Solar about what we can do for you to get your property running on green power.



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