Month: November 2016

November 30, 2016 Ann Marie Hohenberger

We work with a lot of clients whose homes aren’t considered “ideal” for solar. Yes, it’s easy to install a solar array on a nice, wide, south-facing roof. But there are other options, and we’re happy to explore those options until we find one that’s a perfect fit. In order to find a sunny spot…

November 9, 2016 Ann Marie Hohenberger

This project had us install a 6kW solar awning on an existing shed. The solar awning provides half of the electricity used in the home 160 feet away. It also covers equipment and holds a swing set for the kids. Watching children happily swing from a structure that houses solar panels is a wonderful juxtaposition….

November 1, 2016 Ann Marie Hohenberger

Diane and Steve Skalak had two goals in mind when they started considering a solar installation. First and foremost, they wanted to be more environmentally responsible. At the same time, they wanted a financial investment that made sense. And with their new ground mounted solar array, they’ve met both challenges. The site of Diane and…