Commercial Ballasted System at Blue Ridge Graphics

October 27, 2016 Ann Marie Hohenberger

Commercial Ballasted Solar System

The very fine folks at Blue Ridge Graphics in Charlottesville are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly in their screen printing operation. One of the big steps they have taken is to print your T-shirts using power from the sun!

Their building on Meade Avenue has a flat roof. In that case, we typically use a ballasted system, which is held down to the roof by ballast, or weight. This normally adds only 5 to 7 pounds per square foot to the roof load – something most commercial roofs can handle.

Right next door, at Brown’s Cleaners, we installed a large thermal system to heat the water used in the laundromat. Who knew? Their customers on East High Street are washing their clothes with the help of the sun! Make a point to look at their roof when you drive by. Both systems are sound business investments.

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