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Kay Residence

"We've had a great experience with SunDaySolar.  The company did excellent work in maximizing the number of panels for our space, and demonstrated installation skill with our roof type.  SunDaySolar expertly guided us through the available incentives, and when one of our inverters needed a reset, they were out there the next for us.  Kudos!  and thanks."  Jeff Kay,

"The Way I see it, you can either make yourself or the Power Company Rich."

- Richard Crisler


Commercial Ground Mount

This 36kW ground mounted system was the first of four systems we  installed for Cedar Park Storage in Verona, Virginia.  All totaled, CPS has over 75kW of installed PV solar as well as a solar thermal system heating the water for the manager's apartment and office warehouse complex.  The systems were installed using the REAP Grant which provides 25% of the system cost back to the owner in cash.    Return on invested capital for a system owner is above 25%.  Please note, in all our systems, the panels are plum, level, ....perfect.  We welcome any business to contact us today as we offer our grant writing service free of charge!

Commercial Flower Grower Solar

On a smaller scale, but no less exciting, this commercial solar installation will provide 100% of the power used in this flower growing operation.  Compelled to not only speak out against the proposed pipeline, the owners of Blue Heron Farm wanted to make a concrete change in the way that they procured energy.  They would have installed the system even if the return on investment was not so good.  They have also installed a system to generate the electricity used in their home.  


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney

Solar PV panels installed on custom agricultural shed

Battery Backup System on Steriods

Working closely with the homeowner, we built a custom agricultural shed using recycled building materials that holds 11kW of solar panels.  Once generated, the DC power travels 550 feet underground to the home where it charges the 48 volt, 811 amp hour battery bank and runs the electrical loads of the house.  From a short power out to a total grid meltdown, this system is built to keep its owner in power.  Interestingly, the owner decided to use high grade US made Deka Unigy II batteries which have a practical use life of 15 years, justifying the higher cost by being able to use the 30% tax credit on the first set of batteries.  Also worth noting is that the customer specified more expensive US made panels and inverters, stating, "I didn't install the system to make money, I did it because it was the right thing to do".   Despite his good intention, it has been a very good investment.

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Commercial rooftop solar installation at SunDaySolar warehouse

Commercial system Expansion at our Headquarters

In order to fit more panels on our warehouse roof, we extended the roof line by six feet.  Once accomplished, the installation of the 104 Winaico 260 Watt panels and two Fronius three phase inverters was a snap.  All tolled, we have 160 panels on our warehouse and it supplies electricity to the four businesses located there.  The system installed with the help of a REAP grant and grandfathered to sell Srecs into the DC Market will have a quick payback.

Small but effective

On the other end of the spectrum is a three panel trailer based system we built for a client who lives year round in a RV Park.  During the winter months,  when most inhabitants leave and electricity at the park is shut off, our customer still has power.  When the power is shut off, the trailer is rolled to a sunny spot to do its work charging the batteries in our client's cabin.  The batteries are hooked up to the cabin main service panel and become the source of electricity.   Another small battery backup system we installed in a remote barn is used only for lights, fans, and to keep the radio on which "keeps the animals more content".  Whether a system is small or large, we still get the same excited feeling when the connections are made and electrons start flowing.  It's magical.   


Small But Effective: Trailer Mounted Solar Array

What do you do when your home is covered by trees?


In order to find a sunny spot for solar on this site, we had to clear a rocky overgrown slope north of the customer's driveway to install a residential ground mount.  Although the site was rough, the finished product is anything but.  The power flows from the array to an inverter in the homeowner's garage 50 feet away. 

Commercial Ballasted System at Blue Ridge Graphics

The very fine folks at Blue Ridge Graphics in Charlottesville, print your tee shirts using power from the Sun!  When a roof is flat, we typically use a ballasted system which is held down to the roof by ballast, or weight.  This typically adds only 5 to 7 pounds per square foot to the roof load something most commercial roofs can handle.  Right next door, at Brown's Cleaners, we installed a large thermal system which heats the water used in the laundromat.  Who knew, that Brown's Cleaners heats water with the help of the Sun!  Make a point to look at their roof when you drive by.  Both systems are sound business investments. 

Crislersolarawning (2)

Awning Extension on a Shed


This project had us install a 6kW solar awning on an existing shed .  Not only does the solar awning provide half of the electricity used in the home 160 feet away, it also covers equipment and holds a swing set for the kids.  Watching the children happily swing from the structure that houses the panels is a wonderful juxtaposition which portends of a future in which solar is more seamlessly integrated in our lives. 

"We had a large array of solar panels installed on our home's roof by SunDaySolar.   SunDaySolar was extremely attentive to our needs and questions throughout the whole process.  One concern was aesthetics and how solar panels would change the appearance of our home.  Mr. Crisler told us about a possibility for a panel type that we had not known about before.  We chose that type and are very pleased with the result.  All of the work was done professionally and with minimal inconvenience for us.  We have a high-quality system, and we are happy to recommend this company." - James and Virginia Rovnyak, Crozet


Turning a negative into a positive

This client has a home office with a roof that slopes to the north.  This is not good for solar.  To overcome this situation and turn a negative to a positive,  we tilted the back of the panels up so that they all now face south!  Good solar is both an art and a science.  Please note the home made system on the adjacent roof and this point becomes even more evident. 

More examples of our work to come:

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