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August 27, 2014

Powering your home when the grid is down

Most people would like to use their solar energy systems ALL the time, not just when the grid is up. With SMA’s new line of inverters, you can have electricity in your home, even if the grid is down, and without the expensive use of batteries. This means you can have a electricity when the grid is down, as long as the sun is shining!

Entero just finished another install using SMA’s new inverters, and was able to power up these basement receptacles without being connected to the grid, and without a battery bank.

The Secure Power Supply can supply electricity to the outlet on the right, when there is no grid. The switch on the right turns the Secure Power Supply on or off.

We like these inverters because they offer the best warranty in the industry, and add the value of a backup source of electricity in a typical power-out situation. For most homes, these inverters don’t cost any more than one we would typically install, and it adds security and value to the home.

Two SMA inverters with Secure Power Supply hooked up
Two SMA inverters with Secure Power Supply hooked up
July 28, 2014

Virginia Solar Incentives On the Rise

Virginia solar has had a long and hard history, but with solar panel prices falling, install prices dropping, and SREC prices increasing, things are looking up!

This year has been a strong one for solar, with the Pennsylvania SREC finally reaching above the $20 range. With a high point of $70, and an average market value of around $55, the SREC value for Virginia solar-system owners translates to roughly an additional $0.05/ kWh in energy value.

Previously, the only way to get a production incentive was to be signed up on the Dominion Power “Solar Purchase Program”, which locks users in for a five-year term, at 15 cents / kWh. With the SREC price on the move, Virginia system owners may have more options, and more incentives than they ever have before.

To read more about SRECs, view this article from Sol Systems

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