Virginia Solar Incentives On the Rise

July 28, 2014 Matt 2 comments

Virginia solar has had a long and hard history, but with solar panel prices falling, install prices dropping, and SREC prices increasing, things are looking up!

This year has been a strong one for solar, with the Pennsylvania SREC finally reaching above the $20 range. With a high point of $70, and an average market value of around $55, the SREC value for Virginia solar-system owners translates to roughly an additional $0.05/ kWh in energy value.

Previously, the only way to get a production incentive was to be signed up on the Dominion Power “Solar Purchase Program”, which locks users in for a five-year term, at 15 cents / kWh. With the SREC price on the move, Virginia system owners may have more options, and more incentives than they ever have before.

To read more about SRECs, view this article from Sol Systems

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2 Comments on “Virginia Solar Incentives On the Rise

  1. I am interested in finding out the cost of installing some solar panels on my house.  I believe I have a good place to install them in my garage roof.  Sadly however, I may not have the funds to invest in solar as I would like.  I really don’t need to waste your time coming to my home for a “free assessment” if I just can’t afford to invest in this now.  I am on CVEC electric, not Dominion, I have a 2300 sq foot home.  Is there any way you could give me an approximate cost for purchase, installation, and the savings others have seen installing small home systems?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Leslie,

    The average residential installation is approximately $17-$25k. Two things to consider are this: a. the federal tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2016 so now is a great time to invest in solar and b. we can size a system in line with your budget and you could certainly add to the array at a later time. It is not an all or nothing scenario. Please give me a call or email and I would be happy to discuss further. I can be reached at



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